Architectural Specialty Products, Established 1971

Consolidated Partitions, Inc

Glass Partitions


Consolidated Partitions is an Architectural Specialty Products sub-contractor, we operate in the Northern California area, North of Bakersfield to the Oregon Border.

We specialize in Sales and Installation of the following products:

· Visual Display Products 

· Metal Lockers, Plastic Lockers   

· Plastic Lockers  

· Wood Lockers   

· Metal Storage Shelving  

· Accordion Partitions       

· Operable Partitions        

· Sliding Glass Partitions  

· Wire Mesh Partitions      

· Projection Screens        

Consolidated Partitions, Inc.

9828 Kitty Lane

Oakland, CA  94603


To contact us:

Phone: 510-352-3920

Fax:     510-483-7692



Contact Sales and Project Management:

Peter Steinorth

Office (510)-352-3920 x 12

Cell (510)-517-4518



Contact Contract Admin:

Susan Jacobsen

Office (510)-352-3920 x 10


Wood Lockers